Paver Sealer Makes a Difference


The sealer is extremely beneficial for the overall lifespan of the paver patio. Not only does the sealer help by trapping in the color that the sun naturally fades away on an unsealed paver; it also protects the sand joints between the pavers. The sand joints on an unsealed patio can grow mold (especially in a shady area or around a pool deck). Any ant hills and weeds can also penetrate the sand joints which will damage the base material underneath which could cause settling, sinking, and other issues. I highly recommend a sealer for pavers, and though it does require reapplication every 3+ years, the easy maintenance of the sealer is far better than the alternative of a cracked concrete slab or a paver patio covered in weeds, mildew, ants, etc.

Not only does the sealer help secure the life of your project, but we're one of the few who uses it at all. Faded colors and maintenance cost a year down the line can leave you feeling like the time and money you put into transforming your home wasn't worth it. Instead, Brevard Outdoor Services can keep the luster and beauty of your project last much, much longer. We're here to bring you quality service to help transform your house into your home.

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